My First Menstrual Cup

This weeks blog is a little more practical than the blogs I've written before, but I hope that the word practical doesn't put you off, (that's if the title hasn't already). Today I'm going to talk about periods. Yeah that's right, running my own lifestyle blog wouldn't feel right if there wasn't some talk of... Continue Reading →

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Fall in Love

I'm back! With a brand new rap (sorry I couldn't help myself) ...look to my blog and one of the first and only 'lifestyle' posts I've done. I'd like to start by explaining the change. I was enjoying writing my fashion posts, but I lost a lot of motivation with it. Mainly because I wasn't... Continue Reading →

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My Favourite: Fashion Blogger

I've been struggling for ideas recently, and being poor and currently very body conscious I seem to have lost a little motivation with my blog. I've pretty much been wearing the same Nirvana t-shirt with a pair of leggings every day because it's all I feel comfortable in. I don't particularly like the summer when... Continue Reading →

Summer Solstice 

I've finally moved into my new apartment and I'm loving it! I've had to throw away so many old clothes in the move but happy I've done a big clearout. I will probably sell some of the better items from my wardrobe though! These photos were taken next to the river behind my new apartment... Continue Reading →


So I thought I'd post a quick update because I've not managed to post any fashion stuff on here for so long.  I'm moving into a brand new apartment! So I thought I'd share some of the photos I've been taking during the move! It's been a long process, planning, buying and building the furniture,... Continue Reading →

Euro 90’s

Saturday night was the Eurovison Song Contest night and we had a party! I channelled my love for 90's fashion with a bit of a Berlin vibe. It also happened to be the 20th anniversary of our last UK Eurovison win, with Katrina and the Waves in 1997! So the 90's was definitely to be... Continue Reading →

Birthday Weekend

Apologies for taking so long to post this. Last week was my birthday and a bank holiday weekend, so I spent about 5 days with my friends and family doing lots of fun things! I went to a cat cafe, I had cocktails, and Japanese food and I got new clothes! (Yay!) Included in the... Continue Reading →

Park Life

  I had a lovely day in Roundhay Park in Leeds the other day, the weather was beautiful and some of the first sunshine we've had this spring. We went to a little place called Tropical World and got up close with butterflies and birds. We then had a little walk around the park to... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Comfort

Current favourite item of clothing is this oversized t-shirt dress from H&M, it's crazy comfy and beautifully patterned.  I've paired it up with some black leggings, also from H&M. The Bomber Jacket is Topshop and is probably my favourite rainy day jacket. I'm also wearing Timberland leather boots which are very comfy and are good... Continue Reading →

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